Ideas for what a short-term visitor may need to bring

 Suggestions on what to bring with you:

·          Tansen Guesthouse has a good Christian and also fiction library as well as good Internet access. Wireless internet is now available here if you are bringing a laptop. There is a good selection of DVD’s so you shouldn’t be short of a film to watch.  

·          Bring some sort of music system like a discman or ipod (good for traveling and those quiet nights in!)  

·          Basic medical kit.   

·          Good torch (rechargeable is good as Nepali batteries die quickly!) 

·          A portable umbrella for the monsoon which is June – Oct. It is still warm at this time. 

·          Coldest season is December through to February. During this time it will be good to bring some warm clothes for the evenings as none of the houses are heated at night. However, during the day it still stays fairly warm.  

·          During the rest of the year temperatures are warm enough for light, cotton, short-sleeve shirts to be worn during the day and night. Thankfully, being at a higher elevation Tansen does not suffer the humidity problems of the lower plains. Mosquitos are also not really a problem at this altitude. They are definitely out and about at night, but in no where near the same quantities you would find on the plains. If you are sat out in the evening then some form of  spray repellent would be a good idea.

 ·          In terms of what is and isn’t acceptable, it is not acceptable for women to wear shorts, short skirts, or revealing tops; legs, shoulders, and chest should be discreetly covered. No low neck lines. Long skirts, trousers  and punjabi outfits are a good idea for women. Short-sleeved tops are acceptable for women, but not strappy ones. 

·          Jeans for men are not usually acceptable for working in the hospital but are perfectly fine for casual wear for both male and female. Shorts for men are not really a good choice unless in a holiday area and men should not go round bare chested even on the hottest day.  

·          Bring some good, sturdy walking shoes or boots and also a pair of slippers as Nepalis don't wear their shoes indoors. 

·          Towels and bedding are all provided either in the Guesthouse or in the furnished houses.  A good range of food items are available in Tansen now – chicken, cheese, Pringles, coke, bacon, branded cereals, oreo biscuits, etc. Toiletries – most things are available here, but not always the same quality as back home. You can buy things like Pantene shampoo, but it is expensive. Items like toothpaste, soap, deodorants and toilet rolls are all available but not always the brand you are used to.  

·          Bring something for your hobby.  

·          Bring some small gifts from home – you may have special people who have helped to make your visit really enjoyable you want to thank.  

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