Visas and Money

Visas and Money

Upon arrival at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport you will need to obtain a tourist visa, if you haven’t already obtained one pre-arrival from your home country. There are 3 options: 15 days = US$25; 30 days = US$40; 90 days = US$100 . Make sure you bring a passport photo with you for this. Maximum stay allowed in Nepal on a tourist visa = 150 days.


On leaving the airport you will be faced with hoards of taxi drivers / hotel owners trying to get your attention. If you are being met by a representative of Tansen Hospital then they will be holding a board with your name on. If you are making your own way from the airport to your hotel accommodation we would suggest purchasing one of the fixed-price taxis that are available from the counter as you exit the airport arrivals, on your right-hand side. Prices range from 500 rupees upwards, depending on length of journey.


You can change a small amount of money here at the bureau de change as you leave baggage claim, or also from the ATM situated in the wall just past the pre-paid taxi counter. Exchange rates within town tend to be better than at the airport. Wherever you change money please make sure you keep your exchange receipt as you will need to show it if you want to convert any left-over money back into your own currency when leaving.


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