Sightseeing around Tansen

Tansen being situated on a hill offers a wide variety of walks from a 1-hour walk around the forest on top of the hill, to a 8 hour return trip down to a deserted Rana Palace. The scenery around is stunning and walking is a great way to see the 'real' Nepal. On clear days the Himalya's are often visible from the hospital and surrounding areas. Walking guidebooks are available from Tansen tourist information.

If you want to travel out for a short break, Pokhara is about a 5 hour drive from Tansen by jeep. It offers everything from trekking to boating, to paragliding. It has a good selection of hotels, tourist shops and some great restaurants.

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News & stories

Pray For UMHT

18 Jun 21

Pray for UMHT during Nepal’s COVID second wave.

Staff Testimony - Madan K. Bhandari

08 Jun 21

My name is Madan K. Bhandari. I have been working as an x-ray technician for the past 6 years. The working style in my department has changed since the first wave of COVID19.

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