Pastoral Care

TMH Pastoral Care

The expatriate team meets together fortnightly for an English worship service as well as at other times for prayer meetings. Twice a year the Pastor and his wife from the Kathmandu International Church have come for a few days. During this time they lead a Bible Study, run a communion service and are also available for personal / pastoral chats.


On a more official basis there are the Pastoral Care workers at United Mission to Nepal (based in Kathmandu) who are available for personal pastoral support. Periodically they visit Tansen and meet up with people on an individual basis.


A person’s own sending mission also has a role to play in providing pastoral oversight and back-up. In terms of spiritual growth I would say that the main responsibility there lies with the individual themselves, and in being proactive by getting resources from their home country, like books, tapes, cds, devotionals, etc. Saying that, there is a large selection of Christian books, study guides and tapes in the Hospital Guesthouse that are available for anyone to use.

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