Important Information for Short-Term Doctors and Surgeons

Important Information for Short-Term Doctors and Surgeons

All short-term medical personnel who intend to volunteer at the hospital need to be registered with the Nepal Medical Council in Kathmandu before arrival in Tansen.

This involves completing an application form, as well as providing qualification certificates, proof of current medical licence in your home country and passport photos. These must be completed and scanned to Nirmal Rai before arrival in country.

Once in Kathmandu you will be required to undertake an interview with the Nepal Medical Council.

N.B. It is important to note that interviews only take place on a Sunday. So when thinking about arrival dates make sure that you arrive in country on maybe a Thursday or Friday so you are able to go for your interview on the Sunday. You cannot work at either of our hospitals without this registration.

The total cost for registration is currently 5525 rupees (as at Apr 2012).

The registration process is handled by Nirmal Rai in Kathmandu. If you have any questions please contact us. His email

It is also useful if you can advise us of the exact dates you will be available to work here, excluding any travel or planned holidays. This allows us to more effectively coordinate our staffing needs and duty roster.

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