How to get to Tansen

Finding your way to Tansen

In terms of getting from Kathmandu to Tansen there are 4 options:

1. Fly to Bhairawa airport and then get met by the hospital vehicle for the 2 hour trip to Tansen (around US$118 for the flight and $35 for the vehicle). Taxis are also available for around US$35 equivalent.

2. Take a public microbus from Kathmandu (8 hours & around US$10). This is a more complicated option as getting to the microbus departure point is not that simple.

3. Take the Tansen Hospital bus – leave Kathmandu on a Thursday morning at 6am (9 hours & around US$10). This is the safest option by road, but only travels on a Thursday.

4. Hire a private jeep with driver for the whole trip (8 hours & around US$150). Jeep will seat 5 people and baggage comfortably. This option allows you to stop whenever you want and will take you door-to-door.


All above prices correct at April 2012

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