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Information Sheet 2012


What is TTG?

The Tansen Tutorial Group is a Christian, English-medium group designed to teach 5-11 year old children of expatriates working with 


the Tansen Mission Hospital. It functions by the “Tutorial Group Guidelines,” revised in 2007, and is managed by a committee made up of parents, non-parent members of the hospital team, and the teacher(s).

The teachers are expatriate mission volunteers who come for a few months to several years. They are qualified and experienced teachers, who are screened by mission organizations.  Nepali teaching assistants may also u

sed in the school, as needed.

The school uses a two-room building, near the top of the hospital compound. There is a recreational area in front of the school building with fixed climbing equipment, swings, and a trampoline. It is a beautiful location with a superb view of the Himalayas. There is a tennis court elsewhere on the compound that is also used for physical education activities.

School hours are usually 8.30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. The school operates year round, with breaks of 1-2 weeks every 5-6 weeks. Fees are due at the beginning of each term. These are reviewed periodically and adjusted by the management committee to cover expenses. The academic year is considered to start in August.


What is taught at TTG?

The school uses a broad international curriculum for English, mathematics, and science that was developed by teachers from the USA, Britain, Australia, and Finland. This system was designed to enable children from different backgrounds to fit back into their own country’s educational system. It is suggested that parents bring an English translation of their home-country curriculum so that they can monitor their child’s progress, whilst also allowing the teacher to see what would be covered if they were at school in their own country. This will allow parents to supplement any necessary areas to ensure children are fully prepared when they return to their own country. The international nature of the school means it is not possible to be able to cover every item on every national curriculum.


The British Heinemann Mathematics and Oxford Reading Tree systems are used, as they cover all of the suggested curriculum points. Social studies, science, and other areas are tailored by the teacher to meet the particular needs of the current group, often through themed topics/projects. There are many resources available for these projects at the school and the Kathmandu United Mission Learning Resource Library. Christian education is also integral to the curriculum, and devotions are held each morning.


Who is taught at TTG?


Application for admission is open to children of expatriates involved with Christian mission work in Tansen. Applications are approved by the TTG Management Committee, with priority given to families working at the Tansen Mission Hospital. No one is guaranteed admission, given that teaching resources may be limited. The recommended maximum teacher-student ratio is 1:8, but this may need to be flexible, depending on the age range that may be present and the variety of daily lesson plans that need to be prepared.

As a general rule, children become eligible for admission at the beginning of the term in which they turn five. Children turning eleven are expected to leave the school at the end of that academic year. Although children may come from non-English speaking backgrounds, it is expected that students will have a basic level of English prior to admission. Every effort is made to accommodate different levels of students, but the group is not designed for students with special needs.

The group varies in size, according to the number of expatriate families working in Tansen and the availability of teachers. During 2011, it varied in size from 3 to 12 students with 1 teacher. If teachers are not available for a certain period, the school may have to be temporarily closed down, and parents will have to find other options for their children.


What about home schooling?

Some families in Tansen have chosen to home school, for example when children outgrow TTG. Broadband wireless internet is available on the hospital compound and is being used for internet schooling of older children. However, a curriculum that requires a large number of hours to be spent on-line is not recommended due to the uncertainty of a stable internet connection. Younger home-school children may be invited to join the tutorial group for devotions and physical education and to use the TTG library for a nominal fee.


Any other questions?

Further information about TTG, including current fees and term dates, is available from the management committee chairperson, who may be contacted via the hospital email address (see the contacts page). If you are interested in working here as a teacher we would love to hear from you. Click here for more information on our teaching vacancies.

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