TMH Communication

Wireless internet is now available on the hospital compound. For people who don't have their own laptop with them there is a public computer in the Guesthouse that provides broadband access as well as Skype facilities.

To phone home you can either use Skype or phone from one of the shops outside the hospital. Most of these offer international dialling facilities.

Mail can be sent once a week via the hospital vehicle. Every Wednesday it makes the 8-hour trip to Kathmandu with supplies, mail and passengers.

News & stories

Pray For UMHT

18 Jun 21

Pray for UMHT during Nepal’s COVID second wave.

Staff Testimony - Madan K. Bhandari

08 Jun 21

My name is Madan K. Bhandari. I have been working as an x-ray technician for the past 6 years. The working style in my department has changed since the first wave of COVID19.

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