To give you some idea of the climate in Nepal, the hot and humid months are from April to September. During this period Monsoon last from early June till mid September. The dry months start from October to April. Winter (cold and damp during the evening) starts from November through to February. Approximate temperatures are:


                                                           Summer                        Winter                                     

Kathmandu & Tansen                        15 – 34 OC                 1 – 20 OC

Okhaldhungha / Terai plains               25 – 40 OC                 8 – 25 OC



There is no central heating in homes or buildings in Nepal. However, gas heaters can be purchased locally.

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18 Jun 21

Pray for UMHT during Nepal’s COVID second wave.

Staff Testimony - Madan K. Bhandari

08 Jun 21

My name is Madan K. Bhandari. I have been working as an x-ray technician for the past 6 years. The working style in my department has changed since the first wave of COVID19.

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