Specific Equipment & Funding Needs

Specific Equipment & Funding Needs


If you would like to designate your donation specifically to one particular area, be it towards the purchase of a piece of equipment or other project please see our list of current needs below.

In the past some donors have prefered to buy an item themselves directly from the supplier and then have it sent to us. This is possible with some of the smaller items but please do contact us beforehand for details of suppliers and also as there are various custom-clearance documents that need to be arranged before we can receive the item. If you are thinking of donating in this way please get in touch with us first.


Many thanks.

Dr Rachel Karrach

Hospital Director



1. Medical Assistance Fund:

We continue to appreciate donations to our Medical Assistance (Pastoral Care) Fund – helping the poorest members of society to afford hospital care and pay their treatment bills. Click here for more details.


2. Training:

Looking to the future is crucial. The new postgraduate training fund will enable us to send junior Nepali doctors for further training, thus providing senior staffing for the hospital in the years to come.


3. Medical Equipment Needs:

This is a “wish list” of items which we hope to purchase but usually we can only afford to purchase the most urgent and are reliant on funding for many of these items.

Large items:

Equipment over US$ 10,000

Operating table (radio-lucent)                                           US$50,000

Ultrasound machine                                                        US$ 45,000

Mobile x-ray unit                                                             US$38,000

Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer                            US$30,000

Software                                                                         US$20,000

Laparoscope camera                                                       US$15,000

Colonoscope                                                                  US$15,000

Equipment US$ 1000 - 10,000

Phototherapy machine                                                    US$ 1000

ECG machine for children                                               US$1000

Therapeutic Digital Ultrasound (Physio)                             US$1000

Pulmonary function test                                                   US$1500

Patient Monitor (2)                                                           US$1800

Haematocrit Centrifuge                                                    US$3000

Diathermy machine                                                        US$3000

Sensor for dental xray                                                    US$ 3250

On Line 3KVA APC                                                        US$ 4800

Skin Mesher                                                                  US$ 5000

Server                                                                            US$ 5000

Incubator (2)                                                                   US$ 6000

Defibrillator                                                                      US$ 6000

Five Part Coulter counter                                                  US$ 7000

Ten mm 0-degree laparoscope                                          US$2000

Monitors for endoscopy and laparoscopy



Equipment under US$ 1000

Suction Machine                                                     US$ 600

TENS machine                                                        US$ 500

Deep pelvic retractors                                               US$500

Endoscopic graspers and biopsy forceps                   US$500

Sengstaken-Blakemore tube                                      US$200


If you would like to contribute towards any of these items please contact the Hospital Director at this address hd@tansenhospital.org.np.

If we do not have sufficient funding for a certain item then the hospital will use the fund for another urgent piece of equipment on the list.




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