Giving Financially - US Residents

For US residents there are a variety of donating options available:

NOTE:  We can once again recieve US dollar checks!  If you mail us a check, please make sure to contact us via email to let us know it is on the way so that we can keep a lookout for its arrival. See information below.

When you make a wire transfer please send a confirmation letter or email so we can ensure we receive the funds and reply to let you know they have arrived. Please send the letter or email to :

United Mission Hospital Tansen,

United Mission to Nepal,

PO Box 126, Kathmandu,


Email – .

Please give the following details: your name, address, the amount and the DESIGNATION to which the gift has been given. Please state clearly that the funds are for Tansen Mission Hospital and for what particular purpose, if any.


Ways to donate:


1. Through various Mission Organisations:

You can give in a tax-efficient way through a variety of organizations including the United Methodist Church (UMC's Website), the Presbyterian Church, Interserve (Interserve's Website) and many others. It is worth looking into institutions that may offer this facility.



2. Direct Transfer:

To donate money towards the work of the hospital the easiest and safest way is via direct bank transfer:

You can send money direct to our bank account from your own account.

To make a bank-to-bank transfer please use the following details:


Our Bank Details

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal



Account Number: 01156528101



3. By check:  

The other alternative is to send a check made payable to United Mission Hospital Tansen (indicating what the money is to be used for e.g. for the Medical Assistance Fund – MAF, building work, new equipment purchase, etc) and post to:

United Mission Hospital Tansen 
C/O United Mission to Nepal 
P.O. Box 126 

N.B. Please ensure that when you date the check you write out the date in full, e.g. 2nd May 2016. Again, please advise us of postage details so we can ensure it arrives safely and contact you again if it is not received. One other, safer, option would be to send the check with someone visiting Tansen from your own country. If you contact us we can let you know details of anyone that may be traveling back to Tansen in the near future. All donations made will receive a letter of acknowledgment and thanks.


If you have any questions please contact: Dr. Rachel Karrach, Hospital Director (Attention: Dr. Rachel Karrach)

Tel 977 075 520489 Fax  977-75-520039

E mail:

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