Staff Testimony - Madan K. Bhandari - 08 Jun 21

Staff Testimony - Madan K. Bhandari

My name is Madan K. Bhandari. I have been working as an x-ray technician for the past 6 years. The working style in my department has changed since the first wave of COVID19. Last year, along with my colleagues, I started working among infected patients. I am thankful to the hospital for providing us with PPE and both doses of the vaccine, after which I felt confident working on isolation duty. However, I did not escape being infected with COVID19.

A few weeks ago, after my regular duty in the isolation ward, I started having body aches and feeling unwell. That day I had struggled to work as there were more patients than normal. By evening, I had a high fever, headache, and throat pain. As expected, I tested COVID19 positive. I immediately wanted to be admitted to the hospital as I had seen complications in the isolation ward. But the doctor suggested that I needed to be at home in isolation. However, I was assured that if I ever had difficulties with breathing, I would be admitted to the hospital. With this caring assurance and COVID leave with pay and support from my colleagues, I had a relatively pleasant experience during home isolation. I am now back to work.

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