Personnel needs - 10 Jan 19

We are thankful for many volunteers currently serving here in Tansen, and for many who have previously served.

We are looking now for some urgent needs and would ask that you share these with interested people and also pray about them with us.

For the hospital, we are greatly needing general doctors - family physicians, pediatricians, internal medicine and especially Obstetrics/Gynecology.  We would ask for a minimum of 12 months for these doctors due to language requirements.  However, for Obs/Gyn surgeons, we could use someone on a shorter term basis (6 weeks to 3 months).

We are also looking for general surgeons, and a pathologist to help at the Lab school.

Finally, our Tutorial Group will be needing a teacher from June of 2021 for the children (ages 5 - 11) of the missionaries.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for these needs!

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