Prayer Requests - 29 May 18

May 2018

We want to give thanks for the following:  

  • Early rains and water tanks filled with water.
  • New Nepali doctors who have come for training, and the opportunity to impact young doctors early in their careers.
  • A new government insurance scheme which we are helping to implement.
  • A grant to help build a bigger building for the New Life Psychiatric Rehab Center (NLPRC)
  • Your prayers and support for Tansen hospital!

We’d really appreciate prayer for the following:  

  • We are in the process of trying to fund our water cleaning project.  We want to create a reed bed which will clean the waste water currently just flowing down the hill.
  • That the new government insurance scheme will have the difficulties and details worked out to benefit both the patients and the hospital.
  • Long-term medical personnel is an ongoing need.  Our current biggest needs are general surgeons and family (general) practitioners.
  • NLPRC needs trained, committed staff, and also funding for day to day operations.
  • Visas and Medical licenses – we appreciate the government help with this, but it is a long and sometimes difficult process.

    Thank you for your ongoing support for the hospital!

        Deborah Dornon

       Expatriate Services Officer

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