Oxygen Plant Project - 07 Dec 15

Oxygen Plant Project


While supply of critical resources continues to be strained, the opportunity to produce oxygen on site at the hospital emerged as an attractive, cost-effective option.



UMHT has recently worked with local and international suppliers to establish a comprehensive estimate of the cost of building and operating our own Oxygen Generator Plant.

Many hospitals now create their own medical oxygen using an onsite Oxygen Generator Plant. They are considered reliable and relatively easy to maintain and operate.

Estimates show that an annual saving of  $27,500.00 USD would be achieved. Further underscoring the high cost currently being paid.

Most important however, is that the dependence on transport along a dangerous highway would be removed.

UMHT has made the decision to proceed with the construction of an onsite Oxygen Generator as soon as possible.

The capital cost of building the plant is expected to be  $100,000.00 USD.

For more information about this project, please visit the dedicated website at tansenhospitaloxygenplant.com. Photos of the progress to date will be posted there. More information about how you can get involved is also available on the site.

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