Prayer Requests - 31 Aug 15

Prayer Requests - August 2015

We want to give thanks for the following:

  • Safety during the Earthquake
  •  Good progress on building the new rainwater harvesting tank, and that we did not start to pour concrete just before the earthquake.
  • The new five year agreement with Ministry of Health to continue running the hospital, signed Jan 15th  2015
  •  Your prayers and support for Tansen hospital!

We’d really appreciate prayer for the following:

  • The country of Nepal that the new constitution will be completed soon and that there will be peace in the country after the recent unrest and people will accept the new federal boundaries.
  • For safety travelling on slippery, landslide prone roads during the monsoon.
  • For adequate rains as some areas of the country are not getting enough monsoon rains this season and some farmers are facing crop failure.
  • This is the busy season when patient numbers are high, pray for any critically ill patients and the staff as wards are full to overflowing.
  • The New Life Psychiatric Rehab Home needs funding for  the daily running of the home – food, utilities, staff, etc.
  • Long-term medical personnel is an ongoing need.  We are especially in need of long term general surgeons and General Practitioners / adult internal medicine specialists by the end of 2015.

Thank you for your ongoing support for the hospital!

Rachel Karrach

Hospital Director


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