Prayer Requests - 23 Jan 14

We want to give thanks for the following:

  • Good progress on the new building to be used to training and housing.
  •  An extension of the lease for the New Life Psychiatric Rehab Center.
  •  New general doctors who have come to work in Tansen.
  •  Your prayers and support for Tansen hospital!



We’d really appreciate prayer for the following:

  • The New Life Psychiatric Rehab Home needs funding for two items – one, to purchase the current building which the owner wants to sell, and two, for funding for the daily running of the home – food, utilities, staff, etc.
  • Long-term medical personnel is an ongoing need, especially to start in the next few months as several of our surgeons will leave soon. We are especially in need of long term general surgeons.
  • Water! Our reserves are quickly being used up as water from the city sources has been very little.  We need either more water from the city or rain to refill the tanks.
  • Nepal Medical Council – we are having trouble getting work permits for short term doctors to help cover here at the hospital.

Thank you for your ongoing support for the hospital!

Rachel Karrach

Hospital Director

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