Prayer Requests - 22 Oct 13

We want to give thanks for the following:

  • We’ve had a good (long!) monsoon and water supplies have been good!
  • New Life Psychiatric Rehab Center is running well and people are being helped.
  • Short term surgeons and General doctors who are helping us cover the needs here at the hospital.



We’d really appreciate prayer for the following:

  • The New Life Psychiatric Rehab Home needs funding for two items – one, to purchase the current building which the owner wants to sell, and two, for funding for the daily running of the home – food, utilities, staff, etc.
  •  We have submitted a proposal to start training Lab technicians. If we are successful this will start this training in 18 months to 2 years time and will need to prepare the necessary infrastructure.
  • Continued good relationships with the community and patients.
  • Long-term medical personnel is an ongoing need, especially to start in the next 6 months as several of our senior expatriate doctors have recently come to the end of their service. We are especially in need of long term general surgeons.
  • Our Pastoral care team do an amazing job here sharing with patients, providing counseling, running the toy round, helping long-stay children with their school work as well as administering financial assistance to the poorest patients. It, as you can imagine, is extremely stressful and draining at times. Please pray for strength and real encouragement for them as the go about their duties. This team has been hard hit recently with family deaths and other problems.  They are on the front lines here and really need your prayers.
  • The hospital was extremely busy during the months of July and August.  The staff are now having a bit of a rest over the festival season of Dasai and Tihar.  Pray for them and also for believers during this time.


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