Training and Research

From the early days local people were trained as nurses for the wards and as paramedics for the OPD lab pharmacy etc. This tradition of training has continued. For some years there were attached CMA and ANM schools, which were handed back to the government. In 2000 the Tansen Nursing School reopened as a joint mission and CTEVT venture, training certificate level nurses, who do much of their clinical training in the hospital. The hospital is accredited for Internship training, and MDGP training. After many years of training midwives the hospital is now accredited as a Skilled Birth Attendant training site, and a training site for Mid Level Practicum, Anaesthesia Assistant Course training and Refresher training. These last trainings are in partnership with Nick Simons Institute and the National Health Training Centre (NHTC). The hospital pioneered a Paediatric Nursing Course which has recently been adopted by NHTC, and Diploma in Pastoral Healing Ministry is run in modular form in partnership with ECTC.

We also offer short observational training in OT management, dark room, and diagnostic ultrasound, and practical placements for lab (CMLT) students and Masters of Nursing students from other centres. In 2015, permission was received to start training certificate level lab technicians.

The hospital has also taken part over the years in different research including early studies on the leprosy bacillus and TB resistance patterns.  At present we are involved in multicentre studies of the impact of the introduction of Hib and Pneumococcal vaccines.

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