Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Department 

The Pastoral Care department cares for patients' financial, emotional and spiritual needs. They are responsible for charity assessment, counseling, the children’s toy/book round, education for admitted children, giving free food for all paediatricchildren as well as for patients with special nutritional needs. They are also responsible for spiritual care. 


Our Pastoral Care Team assesses patients who are referred by the clinical staff as possibly needing help, and distribute a large sum of charity to those in need. Assessment is based on the ownership of animals and land, debt load, and the number of people supported in the household with consideration of their ages and health status. Charity for treatment is provided for some inpatients and outpatients, as well as interest free loans to others.   


When referral is necessary to a specialist in Kathmandu or elsewhere, clothing and transport costs are often provided as well. Paid helpers are sometimes provided for our seriously handicapped patients along with accommodation, if necessary. 


The Pastoral Care Team manages the Medical Assistance Fund which is largely supported by overseas donations. If you would like to make a contribution please click here to be directed to the donations page.


Thank you.


The Pastoral Care Team




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