Short-Term Opportunities


We have short-term personnel from 4-weeks to 3 months, depending on the area of work.  



We are always looking for short-term Christian professionals to fill a variety of medical posts. The short-term volunteers we have, as well as helping cover staffing shortages, enable us to benefit from outside expertise in terms of training. Also, they may be invaluable in being able to bring skills to Tansen that will offer patients a level / type of treatment that otherwise may not be possible under normal circumstances.


Examples of recent short-term visitors are:

  • Specialist surgeons running an ENT camp,
  • General/Othopedic surgeons providing much-needed support and back-up,
  • Life-support trainers sharing their skills with Nepali doctors,
  • GPs/Family Practitioners
  • General and orthopedic surgeons providing much needed cover so that some of our overloaded regular surgeons could take a needed break.
  • A team of physiotherapy and occupational therapy professionals running training sessions for staff.


Costs and Accommodation

All such workers are voluntary and unfortunately we are not able to provide a salary or financial assistance. However, we do offer a courtesy airport pick-up, and road transport to and from Tansen as a thank you for offering your services. We also have a comprehensive pre-arrival booking service to cover everything from transport, medical licensing requirements and accommodation from your arrival in Nepal onwards, all of which makes your time here much smoother.


For short-term personnel the hospital has a selection of rooms either at our Guesthouse (meals available if required) or in one of our furnished flats that can be rented cheaply. A budget of around US$ 15 per day per person would comfortably cover all food and accommodation costs.



After arrival in Tansen all volunteers receive at least a day of orientation, depending on length of service and area of work.



Please contact us at to find out more. Thank you.


Current opportunities

General surgeons

Tansen Mission Hospital in Nepal is in need of General Surgeons

School Teacher

Tansen Mission Hospital in Nepal is in need of a primary / elementary school teacher from June, 2019.

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