Brief job description:

Elective and emergency orthopedic surgical cases.

Post-op care of patients on the wards and to see referrals to the surgical consult clinic.

To teach and supervise Nepali Intern doctors and Residents and mentor newly qualified Nepali Surgeons.

To be on call for surgical cases approximately 2 times per week.  Cross covering with the general surgeons.

Skills and qualifications needed: Full post graduate certification in orthopedic surgery. Current registration with own national regulating body ( preferably some years of practice ). Flexibility and an interest in teaching required, as well as the ability to work in a more resource-limited setting. 

What types of cases can you expect to see?

1. A large part of the work will involve trauma.  Injuries from falls out of trees, traffic accidents, unsafe use of axes, crushes from industrial equipment or simple mill stones.  All types of closed or compound fractures, complex crush or de-gloving of extremities, management of hand and tendon or soft tissue injuries, spinal fracture stabilization, and head injuries.  Care will emphasize early surgery when appropriate, discharge as soon as feasible, follow up including staged surgeries as outpatient, and emphasizing mobility in the village setting over perfect functional or cosmetic results.

2. You will see some non-trauma related orthopedic problems (Osteoarthritis, disc prolapse, club foot, etc.) and tropical diseases (TB of spine, acute/chronic osteomyelitis).  Surgical options for these will be less than in developed countries ( Basic arthroscopy ,very limited arthroplasty ,no inhospital CT or MRI but are available in nearby cities)

3.Physiotherapy and occupational therapy will help with rehabilitation.

4. On call will involve emergency ortho cases and basic management of general surgery cases too (appendicitis, bowel obstruction, blunt abdominal trauma, bladder outlet obstruction, ectopic pregnancy), working together with a resident or newly qualified Nepali surgeon. Should be able to perform emergency C-section during oncall, if not , can be learnt within few days with help of surgeons here.General surgeons will cover for the emergency operations for general surgery cases .

 Length of term: short and long term vacancies available from 2 months to 3 years +

Languages needed: English (Long term volunteers will be encouraged to learn Nepali).

Salary or Self Funded: Self-funded

Is accommodation / flights provided?:  No, however furnished accommodation is cheaply available for rent on the hospital compound for short termers - and other housing for longer term people is available to rent, as well.

To apply for positions contact: Debbie Dornon


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