Donations - Financial and Equipment


Thank you for considering donating to Tansen. Your giving really does help to bring life-changing opportunities to the people of Tansen and beyond.


Our aim as a hospital is to be as self-sustaining as possible, with the majority of our daily running expenses coming from patient fees. However, due to various external factors in recent years this hasn’t always happened.


Overseas donations of money and time enable the hospital to continue to function effectively and, importantly, to further develop the quality of care given, staff training and services offered. This includes investment in new technology as well as the provision of free care for many poor members of society via the Medical Assistance Fund.


At this time, when the global recession has hit poor communities the hardest, your support continues to bring vital help and hope.


Thank you.

Dr Rachel Karrach

Hospital Director

Giving Financially


You can give a direct monetary donation. This can be to:

1. Our general fund -  we will then allocate that money according to the need at the time.


2. You can specify where you want your money to be spent - towards the purchasing of equipment, the pastoral care fund, a building project or a planned training scheme. For a list of our specific current needs please use the click at the bottom of the page.


Financial donations can be made in different ways depending which you country you are from. Please select from the options at the bottom of this page.  Note:  We are now able to process U.S. dollar checks again - just please let us know if you send one so that we can be on the watch for it.  Thanks for your patience!


1. Giving Financially - Australian Residents

2. Giving Financially - Other Country Residents

3. Giving Financially - UK Residents

4. Giving Financially - US Residents

5. Giving Financially - Euro-zone Residents

6. Specific Equipment & Funding Needs


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