Prayer requests August 2016 - 22 Aug 16

Prayer requests August 2016

Praise for a good monsoon which has helped in our desperate water shortage. Our new water tank (1 million liters!) is pretty much full!

Continued prayers for needed hospital supplies.  Most medicines are now available, but there are many other equipment needs.

Pray for our personnel needs – surgeons, anesthesiologist, doctors.

Praise for the opening of the newly constructed New Life Psychiatric Rehab Center.  There are currently 8 - 10 clients living at the center, and there are plans for a bigger building, for purchasing animals to raise and for other projects to involve the clients and to make some money.  Please continue to pray for the staff and the daily needs of the center - and for Pun Narayan as he continues to be the driving force behind the work.

Pray for the oxygen concentrating plant which has been delivered (a praise!) and is now being calibrated and prepared for use.  The new incinerator is also being constructed.

Pray for the health of the hospital staff - many people have been ill, including one staff who is critically ill in a hospital in Kathmandu.  The hospital has been quite full of very sick patients, and we covet your prayers for them, as well.

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