Earthquake Bulletin

It is almost 3 years now since the big quake in Nepal.  Since then, many people have received help, but others still continue to struggle as the government hasn't worked quickly to help.  After the quake was the devastating 5 month border closing with India.  And this past summer, Nepal suffered from some of the worst flooding in recent history.

Despite all the setbacks, Nepal keeps getting up and trying to move forward.  The hospital has been busier than ever, once again our patient numbers never slowed down during the usual winter lull – we have been continually busy and have been seeing many patients who have been very ill and have needed lots of care.  We are now working with the government in trying out a new Insurance scheme, and this is bringing even more patients to our doors.

The United Mission to Nepal continues to work to help people who are still struggling in the aftermath of the more recent floods and the earlier earthquakes – please see their website for updates. 

We continue to need funding for our Medical Assistance Fund so we can provide free care to the patients who can’t afford treatment otherwise. Thanks for your support!

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